In Kazakhstan, preparations for the upcoming autumn-winter heating season, which began in March, are nearing completion. The management of KazTransGas Aimak JSC inspected the regions of the country to make sure that this winter Kazakhstanis will be provided with “blue fuel” uninterrupted and in full.

Throughout the summer, specialists of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, a subsidiary of the national company QazaqGaz, in cooperation with Intergas Central Asia JSC, municipal services and housing and communal services departments of the regions, large enterprises actively carried out large-scale work to prepare for the heating period of 2023-2024. In all regions of the country, a detailed inspection of distribution networks was carried out, repairs and, if necessary, replacement of equipment that has already served its time, new gas pipelines were repaired and built. According to Bauyrzhan Askarov, General Director of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, at the moment domestic gas distribution networks are 87% ready for the upcoming heating season, by the beginning of the autumn-winter period they will be 100% ready.

– For us, the issue of high-quality preparation for the autumn—winter heating period is the highest priority, – said Bauyrzhan Askarov, General Director of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, – so that nothing prevents Kazakhstanis from enjoying warmth and comfort in their homes this winter.

For this purpose, starting in March, when the previous heating season ended, the preparatory work carried out throughout the entire time was under the personal control of the management of JSC “NC “QazaqGaz”. In the capital, the preparation was carried out ahead of schedule. The gas infrastructure in Astana is 100% ready for the autumn-winter period. So, the current repair of 26 gas distribution points and 95 cabinet gas control points was carried out. Also, a head of schedule, the electrochemical protection of underground gas pipelines was checked and an instrument survey of more than 59 kilometers of gas pipelines was carried out.

In the west of the country – in Atyrau and Mangystau regions, the preparation for the heating season of gas facilities and gas pipelines is planned to be fully completed by September 1. It is by this date that the main preparatory activities will be completed, which include more than 30 types of technical work. At the same time, an inspection of the high-pressure underground gas pipeline commissioned this year connecting the village of Kuryk with the Sarsha locality and the resort area “Warm Beach” near the city of Aktau was carried out.

Gas workers in the south of the country are not out of schedule either. So, in Shymkent, by the beginning of the OPP, all work on the current repair and modernization of gas networks will be completed.

To date, KazTransGas Aimak specialists in Shymkent have examined 105 kilometers of gas pipelines and performed routine repairs of 419 gas distribution points and 115 thousand cabinet distribution points. And new gas pipelines were brought to the villages of Baiterek and Zhambyl-2 in the Turkestan region to supply them with “blue fuel”. In order for residents of 544 households in these settlements to be able to receive natural gas without interruption, more than 25 km of gas pipelines were laid from the gas distribution station named after Gani Muratbayev starting from 2021, when construction began, 2 gas control points (hydraulic fracturing) and 414 cabinet hydraulic fracturing were installed.

In Almaty, according to KazTransGas Aimak specialists, the readiness of the metropolis for the upcoming winter can be estimated at 80%. As part of the investment program, new gas pipelines with a total length of over 30 kilometers will be reconstructed and built. Thus, gas networks in the Alatau district of the southern capital will expand significantly.

– Almaty is the most densely populated city of the republic, today it is almost 99.2% gasified, — said Bauyrzhan Askarov, General Director of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, during his working trip to the southern capital. — This year, on behalf of the national company “QazaqGaz”, with the support of the Akimat of Almaty, we will bring gas distribution networks to the neighborhood “Madeniyet”. Connection of new consumers to gas supply is planned already this year.

Undoubtedly, natural gas is one of the main attributes of civilization and comfort, signs of improving living conditions and well-being of the population. KazTransGas Aimak JSC sees its mission not only in the uninterrupted supply of gas to the population, but also in its education in safety issues and urge consumers to be especially careful and attentive when using gas appliances. The key to safety is the timely periodic inspection and cleaning of chimneys and ventilation ducts in the house, the installation of alarms that respond to leaks of natural and carbon monoxide gases with automatic disconnection from gas. These simple rules will help to avoid accidents when using natural gas.

Also, on the eve of the start of the heating season, KazTransGas Aimak specialists called on Kazakhstanis to carefully consume gas. After all, even with a modern gas boiler and heating system, without proper insulation, the generated heat will partially be spent not on “heating” housing, but “idle”. To avoid heat loss through windows and doors, it is necessary to qualitatively insulate the facade, roof, floor, and put energy-saving double-glazed windows. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce gas consumption without reworking the heating system. The correct selection of boiler equipment will also help to eliminate the cause of gas overspending, in addition to housing insulation.