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KazTransGas Aimak JSC warns that due to changes in weather conditions and the beginning of the heating season, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning has increased.

KazTransGas Aimak JSC constantly reminds about the Rules of safe use of gas in everyday life on television and other mass media, distributes warning memos and conducts briefings. But, unfortunately, sad statistics say that over the years, natural gas consumers do not show more caution.

At the sites of tragedies, gas workers always observe the same picture – violations of elementary safety rules when using gas-consuming equipment. A significant part of poisoning, pops of the gas-air mixture occurs due to the negligent attitude of the victims themselves to the operation of heating appliances, their unauthorized connection, installation or transfer, the use of homemade or artisanal gas equipment, the heating of premises with gas-using equipment designed for cooking, non-maintenance, lack of traction in the chimney.

Use gas appliances in a room where sufficient air supply is not provided, with closed vents, ventilation ducts, violation of the density of masonry, plaster, as a result of which the gas combustion products are not removed and carbon monoxide accumulates in the room! Carbon monoxide is a very toxic substance that can combine with blood even in negligible concentrations and cause poisoning. In the presence of 0.5% carbon monoxide in the volume of the room, after 20 minutes a person can get fatal poisoning!

Proper operation of chimneys and ventilation ducts is YOUR safety and health, because the greatest number of carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by a violation or lack of traction.

REMEMBER! Home owners are responsible for the safe operation of working gas appliances and the proper condition of ventilation ducts and chimneys.

Unfortunately, regular preventive cleaning and inspection of the condition of chimneys by the owners is not carried out.

It is necessary to regularly check the density, serviceability of the heads and the presence of normal draft in the chimney. During the heating and winter period, outside on the street, it is necessary to check the chimney for the fact of icing and blockages, open the manhole cover of the chimney and clean it from ice.

When operating gas-consuming equipment, be sure to install alarms that respond to leaks of natural and carbon monoxide gases with automatic shut-off of gas supply.

Remember!!! Gas is dangerous only in case of improper handling! Following simple rules will save you and your families from trouble!