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Gasification in Kazakhstan has become easier: Online applications via

Since the beginning of October this year, citizens of Kazakhstan have been able to easily and conveniently obtain technical conditions for gasification of their homes and other facilities. Now this service is available online on the portal . The launch of this service was the result of close cooperation between the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the companies KazTransGas Aimak JSC and National Information Technologies JSC.

It is important to note that in a short period of time, more than 250 citizens have used the new service by applying for technical specifications through the portal . This indicates a significant need for innovative and convenient approaches to the gasification process. All submitted applications are registered and processed in the operational services for Public services (OSON) of the branches of KazTransGas Aimak JSC. To date, the largest number of applications have been received from residents of Kostanay (25), Turkestan (18) regions, as well as the cities of Almaty (14) and Astana (10).

One of the applicants, Timur Ozdoev, shared his positive experience of using this service. According to him, the new functionality has made the gasification process even simpler and more accessible.

“I, as an ordinary citizen, used this convenient service, and I want to express my gratitude for the fact that now the process has become not only more efficient, but also convenient. Thanks to this service, we can easily obtain the necessary technical conditions, saving time and simplifying life,” T. Ozdoev emphasized.

It should be noted that individuals can apply for technical conditions for gasification through the eGov, using an electronic digital signature (EDS) without leaving your home. The process of reviewing and issuing technical specifications takes 5 working days for technically simple objects and 10 working days for technically complex objects.

To obtain technical conditions for gasification of residential buildings and facilities on the eGov, citizens only need to go through a few simple steps:

Log in to the portal;
Specify the contact phone number and email address;
Choose a residential address;
Select the address of the gasification facility;
Attach a scan of the technical passport;
Specify data on the gasification facility;
Sign the application using EDS;
To wait for a response from KazTransGas Aimak JSC on the issuance of technical specifications or a possible refusal.

This convenient solution allows citizens to save time and effort that was previously required to visit offices and fill out paper documents. The online service also contributes to improving the availability of gasification of residential buildings and facilities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.