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At the expense of sponsors, gas was brought to houses in Zhezkazgan

Residents of Kabanbai Batyr microdistrict in Zhezkazgan will switch completely to gas this year. However, a number of residents of the microdistrict, each for their own reasons, found themselves in a difficult life situation and they could not afford to pay for gas connection.

Specialists of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, with the sponsorship of Shubarkol Premium, gasified 12 houses for free, where families who belong to socially vulnerable segments of the population live.

Among those who received sponsorship is the family of Galina Forsh. The pensioner lives with her only grandson and her pension is not enough to connect the house to the gas supply.

– I was hoping that my house would be connected. This year there is no central heating and there will be no central heating, we were saved by a heater. We were worried about how much we would pay for electricity. Everything works perfectly, without any failures, it’s warm at home. I thank the management of KazTransGas Aimak JSC and Shubarkol Premium JSC for not leaving us in a difficult situation,” says Galina Forsh.

For free connection to gas, the Akimat of Zhezkazgan provided lists of 12 families belonging to socially vulnerable segments of the population.

– The gasification of Zhezkazgan began in 2021 from the surrounding villages. Residents of the village were the first to receive blue fuel. Talap, to date, 75 subscribers out of 143 have connected to gas here. In total, 2,000 consumers have access to natural gas in Zhezkazgan and adjacent villages. 211 out of 224 houses are connected in Kabanbai Batyr village,” notes Dauletzhan Kudaibergenov, Acting Director of the Zhezkazgan Gas Industry of the Karaganda production branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC.

On the eve of winter, the only boiler house that worked on coal and for decades supplied heat to all the houses of the Kabanbai Batyr microdistrict in Zhezkazgan was out of order and cannot be restored. The only way out was gasification.

Undoubtedly, natural gas is one of the main attributes of civilization and comfort, signs of improvement in living conditions and well-being of the population. KazTransGas Aimak JSC sees its mission not only in the uninterrupted supply of gas to the population, but also in educating them on safety issues and urge consumers to be especially careful and attentive when using gas appliances.