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Round-the-clock work: gas workers work out all applications

KazTransGas Aimak JSC informs that due to changes in weather conditions and a sharp decrease in air temperature in the regions, the number of applications for number 104 has increased, employees of the emergency dispatch service of gas workers work around the clock, troubleshooting measures are being taken and gas supply is resumed.

Only on public holidays (from December 15 to December 18) 7,442 emergency applications were received. All 7,442 applications were processed by employees of KazTransGas Aimak JSC in all 14 regions of its presence.

During this time, 250 qualified specialists and 115 vehicles were involved, which made it possible to effectively and promptly solve the problems that arose.

Dear consumers!
If there is a smell of gas in the living room, immediately:

Turn off all gas taps

Ventilate the room

Do not use an open fire, do not turn on electrical appliances

Call the 24-hour emergency service at 104.

Remember, your safety is in your hands!