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Safety is above all!

During the past holidays, the emergency dispatch service of KazTransGas Aimak JSC worked around the clock, taking urgent measures to eliminate possible problems. Additionally, emergency teams were formed to respond promptly to any potential situations.

It is important to note that at the sites of tragedies, gas workers always observe the same picture – violations of basic safety rules when using gas-consuming equipment. A significant part of poisoning, pops of the gas-air mixture occurs due to the negligent attitude of the victims themselves to the operation of heating devices, their unauthorized connection, installation or transfer, the use of homemade or artisanal gas equipment, the heating of premises with gas stoves intended for cooking, non-maintenance, lack of traction in the chimney.

They use gas appliances in a room where sufficient air supply is not provided, with closed vents, ventilation ducts, violation of the density of masonry, plaster, as a result of which the gas combustion products are not removed and carbon monoxide accumulates in the room!

The specialists of KazTransGas Aimak JSC urge all consumers not to violate safety regulations when using gas at home and to be especially careful and attentive when using gas appliances.

Remember! The key to safety is timely periodic inspection and cleaning of chimneys and ventilation ducts in the house, installation of alarms that respond to leaks of natural and carbon monoxide gases with automatic disconnection from gas. These simple rules will help to avoid accidents when using natural gas.