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Measures to restore gas supply in flood conditions

As a result of the sharp warming of air temperatures and abundant snowmelt in the regions of the country, the flood situation has become more complicated. Flood control works are continuing in the country.

To date, the most difficult situation has arisen in Aktobe, Kostanay, Akmola and West Kazakhstan regions.

Due to the unprecedented influx of meltwater in the villages of Birlik of Mugalzhar district and Shetyrgyz of Shalkar district of Aktobe region, KazTransGas Aimak JSC temporarily suspended gas supply to about 100 individual homes in order to ensure consumer safety.  To date, all houses have been promptly connected to the gas supply.

In Aktobe, due to rising water levels in the Ilek river, horticultural collectives “ECO”, “Koktem”, “Aktyubrentgen-16”, “Sayazhai”, “Ecologist 1”, “Golden Autumn”, “Electrician”, “Topol 3”, “Zelenostroy”, “Dawn-Forestry”. To date, residents have been evacuated, 693 houses and 22 units have been disconnected from gas supply for safety reasons.

Also, due to the exit from the Uil riverbed, 230 residential buildings and 2 municipal enterprises in the villages of Karatal, Zhanabaz and Ekpetal of the Uil district of the Aktobe region were disconnected from gas supply.

In the West Kazakhstan region, due to the abundant melting of snow and the rise in the level of meltwater in the village of Ankaty, Terektinsky district, an embankment dam broke through. For the safety of the population, gas supply to 12 semi-detached houses (24 consumers) has been suspended.

As a result of heavy precipitation in the form of rain, a sharp increase in the level of meltwater and a rise in the water level in the Shyngyrlau river, the village of Aksu in the Burlinsky district of the West Kazakhstan region was flooded. For safety reasons, 112 consumers of the village were disconnected from the gas supply.

Also in the region, due to the rise of the water level in the Zhaksybai river of the Karatyubinsky district and the break of the dam, the village of Korzhyn is flooded. To date, 90 private sector houses have been disconnected from the gas supply. All disconnections from the gas supply are carried out in order to ensure safety.  

For prompt response to any emergency situations related to gas supply, there is a 24-hour emergency dispatch service. Citizens can call 104 for prompt assistance and consultations.

All employees of KazTransGas Aimak JSC in the regions are involved in emergency rescue and flood control work.

KazTransGas Aimak JSC informs that all necessary measures will be taken to restore gas supply after the normalization of the flood situation in the regions.