Legal entities

How to connect gas to legal entities?

For gasification of new facilities, construction of new gas pipelines (including replacement of existing gas pipelines), changing the diameter or location (transfer) of existing gas pipelines, etc. it is necessary to obtain Technical Specifications (specifications) from the local gas distribution organization (for the design of gasification facilities).

To obtain a technical specification by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, the following list of documents is required:

— A letter (application) addressed to the Technical director of QAZAQGAZ AIMAQ JSC (or the chief engineer of the production branch) with a request to issue a technical specification indicating the planned volume of the maximum hourly gas consumption by the facility;

— A copy of the state act on land, title documents for immovable property where the object is located, or a notarized agreement of the owner of immovable property for gasification of the object;

— A copy of the technical passport for the object;

— Technical data of gas-consuming equipment on gas flow and pressure (copies);

— Constituent (registration) documents of the customer;

— Topographic survey of the area where the object is located with the adjacent territory, on a scale of M 1:500.

The design and production of installation works can be performed by organizations that have the appropriate state licenses or conclude an agreement with a gas distribution organization (PF JSC “KTGAymak”) of their region.

Contract for technical and emergency maintenance (legal entities, individual entrepreneurs using non-residential buildings/premises/buildings/structures)

A contract for technical and emergency maintenance should be concluded with the PF of QAZAQGAZ AIMAQ JSC or organizations licensed to perform these types of work (equipped with the necessary machinery, equipment, materials and qualified personnel).